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Kompisar (Swedish) [Flatmates] (Short film)

The good thing about this festival is that I am getting to watch these short films which I would have neevr thouht of watching but its good fun. This Norwegian film was no less interesting.

Friends Hampus (straight) and Bjorn (gay) move into their new flat as roommates and celebrate by having a playful romp on the couch . They are very comfortable with each other and viewer gets confused that maybe both are gay. At night , Hampus wants to o out to pick girls but when Bjorn refuses , he offers to go to a gay bar with him but still gets rejected. Bored alone Bjorn leaves a funny and playful message to Hampus. Soon Hampus starts bringing a girlfriend home and things are not same now. Several nights later, Hampus comes home piss drunk and opts to sleep in Bjorn’s bed. Bjorn slips in as well and ends up jerking off his friend. We have realized by then that Bjorn has secret desires for Hampus. Needles to say that a wonderful friendship that existed goes wrong by Hampus declaring in the end that he thinks it is not working between them.

A simple story told in a short time. It can be easily made into an interesting film. Characters did their part well and we the closeness that the two friends shared was good. BUt I kind of missed the point of the movie. Does every gay man want to sleep with their straight friend? Can a gay man not be friends with a straight person? I guess a full fledged feature could answer these questions.

Pretty decent for a short film. (6/10)

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