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J’embrasse pas (French) [I Don’t Kiss]

I hate it when I end up watching stupid movies and wonder to myself “What was I thinking when I decided to see this film”. Its strange because usually the French gay cinema offers so many good films but I guess there are one off cases everywhere. This one was definitely one of the off cases.

20 something Pierre leaves his native town and comes to Paris to become something. He starts working as a server and does not earn much. He starts having an affair with an old lady. He also dreams of becoming an actor. One night he mets a famous old guy who wants to be friendly with him and help him but Pierre shrugs away because the guy was gay. This old guy can be sen every night picking up a prostitute guy. Pierre hates him. Soon reality bites. He looses his job, forgets about his acting classes and just wants to survive because he is broke. He decides to take up prostitution which he so far just hated. He does good at this job. During this time, he meets this girl prostitute whom he likes but her imp ends up beating Pierre. In the end Pierre is out with all choices. He joins army to prove to himself he can do something.

The acting from the lead was interesting but apart from that nothing was the least impressive in this movie. It kept moving eirdly. There were no explanations given for certain situations. All the characters were half baked. I just barely managed to somehow sit through the movie.

Absolute no-no for me. Don’t bother. (2/10)

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