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Harry and Max

LIfe is confusing. Relationships also can be very confusing. But there are very few directors who can portray it on the screen. I must give applause to the director of this film to take u such a complicated and controversial subject and make this film. Although I personally am very much against the whole incest thing but the way its shown in this film is pure. here is no right or won. It is what it is.

23 year old Harry takes a detour on his way to Japan to take his 16 year old brother Max for camping. Both Harry and Max are singing pop idols. On their first night of camping Ma gives Harry a blow-job, Harry does not stop him because he is reminded of days 2 years back in Bermuda. Clearly w see that Max has string feelings for his brother both brotherly and sexually. But certain things are wrong and Harry knows that to a certain extent. The camping trip is over during which Max tries to seduce his brother but fails. Both brothers talk about who all they have been with. Turns out Max first time was with his yoga teacher Josiah,whom he loved very much but since it was wrong they stopped seeing each other. After the trip is over, Harry has strong feelings for his brother Max but sine he cant do anything about him, he ends ups educing Josiah. But he also wants Josiah to find if Max feels the same way about Harry. Max lives with Nikki who is Harry’s ex girlfriend. After this trip, I guess Max is frustrated and ends p having sex with Nikki. There is awkwardness but things are fine. By now Harry is completely into his brother. He visits and tells nikki about it. This pisses Max off and he gets very upset with Max. Harry says that he wants to be with Max and love him but things were not supposed to be the way they were. Two years later, Harry visits his brother and his boyfriend and again makes a fool out of himself by proposing a 3some. Nothing happens. Relationships still stay afloat. Harry lives in Japan most of the time where he has a huge fan following, He occasionally visits Max and his boyfriend.

The best thing that I liked about the movie was honestly and openness. Each character was very open about their feelings. They said what hey felt like which would be so nice if people would do that in real life. Every character in the movie was going through his/her own confusions. There is no judgement whether what happened was right or wrong. Its a slice of life. Some lie it, some dont. I might not agree to it but I would appreciate the craftsmanship. Oh btw did I say that I thought Harry was very hot.

The film was pretty decent and I liked it. Not everyone might be able to sit through because of the controversial nature of it. (6.5/10)

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