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Forgiving the Franklins

Another really bad movie. And after I saw the film, I read some of the reviews online and they were all good. It seems like when I sit to watch a movie, my viewpoint is totally different from what other’s is.

The Franklins are Bible belt Christians: Frank’s a lawyer, Betty’s a homemaker focused on her children and her church, Brian is a senior who plays football, his younger sister Caroline is a cheerleader who thinks she’s fat, prays often, and is impatient with God. When the family is in a car crash, all but Caroline are in a coma during which they see Jesus who removes their inhibitions and their piety. Awake and refreshed, Frank, Betty, and Brian discover their sexuality, their independence from Sunday worship and formal prayer, and the ability to talk frankly. Caroline – and her godmother, Betty’s best friend, Peggy – are horrified. Ultimately they are forgiven by the community and they die in peace.

Weird story and a very weird treatment. Just because Brian realizes he is gay, does not make this movie fit under gay cinema. Acting was over the top and I could not understand the whole purpose be. Terribly disappointing. (2/10)

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