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Doing Time on Maple Drive

Wow! This was such a great film. I like these kind of families where in they show interaction between members of the family and whats going on in their lives. The Family Stone was one such film which I absolutely loved. I had no idea what I was going to expect before I saw this movie but I was so happy that I saw this one. Most of us at some point would be able to relate to one or the other incident in the film.

The film starts with Lisa and Phil waiting for their son Matt’s visit with his fiance Allison. Their daughter Karen also comes in for vacation with her husband Tom. They also have another son Tim who has alcohol issues. Lisa and Phil dote on Matt and he is their perfect kid. SO they want everything perfect for his visit. The film keeps going showing various interactions between members of the family. They show how all kids are so bound by what their parents want from them. Karen and Tom want to have a baby but Karen always makes excuse. But the real reason is that she is afraid her parents would not approve of her having a kid considering Tom does not earn very well. During all these times whenever anyone mentions Kyle, Matt’s best friend at a time, Lisa and Matt change the subject. Tim on the other hand has always been n the receiving end of his father. He tries his best but his father is never happy and Tim ends up drinking often. Well the worse happens and one day Allison finds out that Matt is probably gay. She finds a letter in Matt’s coat written by Kyle to him. She dumps him and goes back to her home. Matt does not have courage to tell his family the truth and lies to them that she had some urgent work. He attempts to commit suicide, ends up in hospital after accident where Kyle visits him but just leaves flowers and goes. When he recovers and reaches home, his mom is crying because she has a letter from Allison on how she is sorry for everything. LIsa wants to know what is going on. Matt loses it and says that he will tell exactly what is going on. Mom already knows but se does not want to hear. He ultimately blurts but that he is gay and it was not an accident but suicide attempt. Lisa and Phil are devastated. Phil realizes that he had been a harsh dad and always expected Matt to be the perfect son. BUt reality is far from it. He tries to understand his son and talks to him but Lisa is totally broke. She is more worried about social humiliation etc. There are background stories of Tim, Karen and Tom too. The film ends u with Matt giving Kyle a call and requesting to meet him.

It was an amazing film in all respects. Perfect and amazing acting. You can so feel that no family is perfect. Every family has some or the other secret. You sometimes face it or sometimes ignore it even if you know it. The whole tribulation in Matt’s mind about how will he ever tell his parents the truth and how their life could be devastated is sown beautifully. Also the circumstances under which he finally tells them and then parents reaction, its just beautiful. I loved it. I wished they had elaborated on Tim’s character a little more. Karen and Tm were sweet. Tom was like the sweetest person ever.

Just like Family Stone, I can watch this move again. (8/10)

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