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Clandestinos (Spanish)

I can makeup my mind whether I liked this movie or not. Actually I did not like the movie but to what extent I did not like it, I am not sure. Hopefully by the time I am done with writing this review, I would know.

Xabi, Driss and Joel run away from a jail for minors. They are all 17 year olds. They travel to Madrid. Xabi is looking for his friend Lika, a very old man. Their relationship is not very clear. He just keeps referring to him as a friend. On their trip to Madrid, they meet 2 girls. Joel hooks up with one of them and on reaching Madrid starts living with them. The other fatty girl likes Driss, an Arab guy but he wants to help Xabi with his search for his friend. Xabi hooks up with an old cop and steals his pistl. He wants to become a terrorist because we figure that this is what Lika was doing. Lika and Xabi were actually in a relationship which breaks when Xabi finds out that Lika is training for terrorism. Xabi wants to please Lika , so he tries to make a bomb and create a scene in Madrid. WIh Driss’s help they do a bomb blast in Madrid. Somehow the faty figures out that Xabi and Driss had a hand in this and informs the police. Police asks them for details. They give in and are put in jail. The cop with whom Xabi hooked up gets involved with him and takes care of him. The girls visit the boys in jail.

Apart from the fact that Xabi was gay and was involved with an old man, there is nothing remotely gay about this movie. Xabi liking men does not bring any different angle in the story. The performances were strictly ok. The teen guys were good looking and acted ok. A carefree attitude by teens was a little disturbing.

Nothing great but not awfully bad. I managed to sit through. (4/10)

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