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Chuecatown (Spanish) [Boystown]

One of my friends had seen this movie and he was praising this movie endless so obviously my expectations from the movie had raised quite a bit. And thats where the problem started. Going into a movie with lots of expectations just kills it. I wished I had not heard about the movie. I am pretty sure I would have liked it much better.

A real estate agent is looking to buy property in boystown and is trying to make the area as most beautiful , posh and liveable area. He knows these kind of areas are big hit specially with gay couples. To do this he has to buy certain apartments which actually belong to old ladies. He gives them a good price option but none of them want to sell their home. So he starts killing the old ladies. Meanwhile there is this odd couple Ray and Leo. They are awkward, not physically fit, never care about their appearance, maybe dumb but are very happy with themselves. Their neighbor gets killed by the real estate agent and Rey and Leo are prime suspects specially after the cops find that the old lady had left her aptt for Leo. Leo calls his mother (who is a bitch with a capital B) to live in this new aptt. But the kind of woman she is, she wants to stay with the boys. Her and Rey dont get along at all and there are constant fights. At some point the agent tries to kill Leo’s mother but fails. He then realizes that Ray and Leo are fighting so he tries to woo Ray so that he can get in their lives and kill the old lady to sieze the apartment. In the end all goes well and everything is exposed.

Te story sounds boring but it is hilarious. The odd couple are so good. The bst thing about them is that they are not perfect. They are the average next door guys. They are fat, they are nerdy, fashionless but are fun. Their chemistry and love is amazing. The mother is hilarious. Oh! we also have this mother son detectives looking into the case who add to the humour. The film is with good production values. gives you good entertainment with some really witty dialogues. My favourite was Leo’s mother and all her dialogues. She was superb.

I guess after all the film was not that bad. Watch it. (6.5/10)

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