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Café com Leite (Brazil – Portugese) [You, Me & Him] (Short film)

I am starting to like this whole concept of short movies. Sometimes they turn out to be better stories maybe because of the sheer fact that the director doesn’t try to stretch out things beyond a certain point.

Danilo and Marcus are boyfriends and one day Danilo asks Marcus to move in with him as soon as he leaves his parents house. Wen he reaches home, his parents are dead and he nw has the sole responsibility of his younger brother Lucas. It seems Danilo had no idea about what Lucas likes and what he doesn’t. He starts trying his best to be a father figure to him. Now that he has so much responsibility, he spends more time with Lucas and less time with Marcus. Marcos occasionally joins Danilo and Lucas but always feel that Lucas comes in between them though he understands the intentions of the small kid. One day Marcos picks up Lucas from chool and they chi chat. Lucas tells him that he likes Marcos and he knows he is Danilo’s boyfriend. Earlier Danilo and Marcos had planned to go for a holiday but now because of Lucas Danilo cant go. In the end, Marcos decides to go by himself and the film ends with Lucas and Danilo bonding.

I thought the whole premise of the film was very interesting. How sudden responsibilities can make you grow up. Sometimes there are certain things that you take for granted and family is so much important. All 3 characters in the film grow to and get used to the new situation and maybe hopefully start to live together. I personally liked bonding scenes between Danilo and his young brother Lucas.

Another one of the good short film. (7/10)

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