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Boys Briefs (Short story collection)

This movie was a collection of 6 short stories. Only 3 of them are worth talking about it. Rest three were weird and more like just fillers.

“The Absolution of Anthony” – Depicting a 16-year-old boy living with a Catholic grandfather in Bronx. Ups and downs of his life and how he deals.
“Smear” – Telling the story of a boy who is in love with a straight friend. (did not make any sense to me)
“Front Room” – An experimental short showing a gay physical relationship.(stupid.. very stupid)
“Fairy Tale” – Todd is visiting his family with his partner Eric to introduce to them. How his parents react and how it affects Eric’s and Todd’s relationship.
“Ferkel” AKA “Piglets” – Showing an old lady who tries to ruin a sexual encounter.(Funny yet stupid)
“Stanley Beloved” – Telling the story of a boy who, before going to study abroad, decides to spend a summer day with his best friend.

Fairy Tale, Stanley Beloved and to an extent Absolution of Anthony are the only ones worth talking about. Rest were just paper thin plots with little or no meaning at all.

A different experience for short films. Ratings for only decent short films in it. (5/10)

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