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Between Love and Goodbye

I am so glad I am watching these films in the film festival. So many new concepts and ideas and the fact that they are actually executed well makes me feel so good and happy. I sometimes feel that I should somehow be a part of all this. The film is a modern day gay drama about falling in and out of love. Sometimes you can think that everything is going in favor of you until some unseen forces come to destroy your life.

Kyle and Marcel fall in love the instant they see each other. They are so perfect for each other. Since they cannot marry and live together legally, the french Marcel gets married to his lesbian friend Sara so that he can live with Kyle. Everything seems to be just so perfect and then enters April, Kyle’s sister ( a transsexual and a prostitute). She has instant disliking for Marcel and soon we realize that her aim is to break this wonderful love that Kyle and Marcel share. She starts poisoning their life slowly and methodically. Marcel can clearly see what an why April is ding but all Kyle sees his April , his sister, his family. He does not want to choose between Marcel and April. But Marcel wants Kyle to ask his April to move out so that they can spend more time together. After a series of misunderstandings, finally April succeeds. She now id Cole because her breasts are not adjusting with her body. Kyle and Marcel decide to breakup and then starts the fight about the NY apartment. Clearly Cole does what he can best to fill in Kyle’s mind with everything negative about Marcel just so that he can win. This leas even to the extent that Cole reports about the fake wedding that Marcel and Sara took. Immigration one day is finally taking Marcel away when Kyle suddenly realizes what a big mistake he did. He runs after him but its to late and tragedy strikes. The end is left for the viewers imagination.

I actually really liked the film. There were so many bits and pieces that seemed so real and slice of life. The constant fights, saying sorry to each other, making up soon, having fun and sex, hanging out with friends etc. It was good. Guy who played April/Cole was good. He was very convincing. You cant help but hate him. He was that god. Other characters acted well too. It showed how the couple gets trapped between the emotions of love and goodbye.

I can definitely see this movie again. (7/10)

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