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Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild

Another Gay Movie was one of the funniest movies I had seen with a buddy of mine. Wen I saw about the sequel, my curiosity was sky rocket but I was a little disappointed. Firstly I saw it in the film festival and the projector there is just not good. Secondly this time the performances and even the story idea seemed a little too over the top.

Andy, Nico, Jarod and Griff are back and ready for action in a big way with a sun- and fun-drenched excursion to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. After a bumpy ride, they eventually reach and start enjoying vacation. They enter the Gay gone wild contest which obviously is about who gets laid the most. Griff and Jarod are struggling with their relationship and are not sure whether they should enter the contest or not. They decide that they should but eventually turns out that they can’t. Andy wants to get laid desperately but ends up meeting this hot Cuban guy who is full of love and romance instead. Nico is just not getting anyone’s attention but is trying to fit in. Ok ok this sounds boring but its not. All this is handled in a very funny, in your face typical gay fashion. The boys soon realize that the goal of getting the most “action” over the course of their vacation is fraught with obstacles including wet “package” contests, slip n’ slide gay shuffleboard, an evil gay clique and even genital crabs! The film has loads of sex sequences, over the top gay dialogues and lots of raunchiness for gay men. But eventually it fails to impress the fun and freshness of the first part. Nico on the final day announces how he is proud of what he is and asks everyone who is not hot to come out. All kinds of non sexy men come out and eventually Nico turns out to be a winner. Andy gets together with his Cuban boyfriend.

I think I was watching too many movies plus the expectations were a little high and so I was disappointed. Another day and time I might have liked it but not this time. Acting was good by everyone. The most exciting part for me was when a couple of cast members came up to he stage after the screening and talked about the film.

Not great as first one but not a whimper either. (5/10)

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